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Neil capel said:   November 15, 2015 3:32 pm PST
hi Heinz, don't know if you remember me. It's SLIPPERY. Played for Kalamazoo dogs 20 years ago. English rugby player. Lived with Colin knight. Love the dogs and your bar!! I always forgot to pay my bar bill at the end of the night, oops!!

Matt said:   October 11, 2015 4:21 pm PST
Stopped in for a few beers while in town last night. Ashlee our bartender was amazing. Ashlee if you see this, I gave you the Chive card to inform you that you are very attractive.

Paula Deiotte said:   September 12, 2015 5:05 am PST
Visited Kalamazoo recently and walked next door from our hotel to check out your bar. We fell in LOVE with your Sydney soup! We live too far away to have it as often as we'd like. Please, could you email the recipe??? or at least the type of cheeses you use... We'll definately visit you again next time we're in the area.

Brian said:   February 28, 2014 4:15 pm PST
This is a long time overdue but better late than never right? I have a golf outing that has 50-60 guys on a yearly basis. Decided to change bars last June to U&U. Couldn't have made a better choice. The wait staff was great with my guys and made sure each and every one of them had everything they needed. We will surely be returing this year. Thanks for everything!!

Gabe said:   May 24, 2013 11:43 am PST
The pork sandwich with all the fixin's is one of the best meals I've had. The pork crackles. The sauce is smoky. The cole slaw, unlike so many that overpower with sour or sweetness, is shredded cabbage swimming in perfection. The gumbo is chunky, not too spicy, and hard not to just gobble up forgetting everything else on the plate. The potatoes were perfect the first time I had them, I think they had been BBQ'd, dark and flavorful. When I ordered them other times, they were good but not as good. Anyways, it's a great meal.

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